Fine Wines & Spirits

Fine Wines & Spirits

Auction 3050B

November 8, 2017 6:00PM63 Park Plaza, Boston

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Our Fall sales follow the theme of collections lovingly collected and acquired throughout a lifetime and the joy, experience, and familiarity of tasting and learning about wine with friends and family. Most collections we work with are rarely bidden to the auction block more than once before arriving to us, instead, the bottles stand (or lay) the test of time, moves, marriages, friendships. Many of the collections in this auction, the Weston Collection, The Island Cellar, and the Elia Collection particularly, were carefully amassed by collectors for whom this act was essential and wine was and a fundamental part of the social tapestry of their lives, knitting friends and family closer together. We do our very best to represent the history of the bottles and the provenance so that buyers can appreciate the care and passion behind the collections that were carefully assembled over a lifetime. Wine lives on – vivit vinum.

Please visit our online sale from October 25th-November 3rd for unique trimmings from these remarkable collections – rare oddities, delectable finds, diamonds in the rough.

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